How do I determine if I have enough financial aid to cover my educational expenses?
In order to determine if you have enough aid to cover your educational expenses, you will need to add the amounts of the different aid types per trimester you will attend in the academic year (indicated by a number 1, 2 or 3) and compare to the cost of educational expense per trimester.

Financial Aid Per Term – Tuition & Fees Per Term = Balance / Stipend Due

Standard cost per trimester is roughly $2868 (4 classes) or $2843 (3 classes)* with the additional cost for Mardi Gras in the Winter trimester of $520 and Mardi Gras fee of $200 (Oakland campus students also need to include estimated travel cost of $600 ).

* B.A. students registered for 10-16.34 credits are awarded the full-time student scholarship. Students registered at 16.35 and above are charged $260/credit.